Design Studio  


Andrei Cosmin Mogos

Architectural Designer Pt.2
Andrei graduated with First Class honours a Masters in Architecture at DeMontfort University in Great Britain. He worked as a Constructing Architect Intern at a Danish design firm and finished a Bachelor's degree in this field.


Cristian Paul Ille

Cristian started out at Oradea's Faculty of Architecture. He came in Denmark where he finished a Constructing Architect Bachelor's degree and worked as an architect at Skala Arkitekter.


Traian Marius Ungureanu

Constructing Architect
Marius finished a Bachelor's degree as a Constructing Architect in Denmark. During his studies, he also worked as an intern at Norman Woods Architecture in Shanghai, China. He is now doing a Master of Architectural Technology at Sheffield Hallam University in Great Britain.


Valentin Dolhan

Architectural Designer Pt.2
Valentin graduated a Masters in Architecture in Scotland. He has one year of experience as an architect and interior designer intern at two firms in China. Previously, he completed a Constructing Architecture Bachelor in Denmark.

We are a design and research group focused on Sustainable Architecture and Building Technology Innovation. Our educational and professional experience spans from Europe to Asia. BRAVA joins architecture competitions that promote the use of building materials in a sustainable and creative manner.

Tiny House  / NOV 2014

Tiny House is BRAVA's proposal for affordable and compact housing

Earth House  / SEP 2014

We have completed our Earth House proposal! NKA Foundation invites entries for Mud House Design 2014, an international architecture competition open to recent graduates and students of architecture from around the world who think earth architecture can be beautiful. The Competition encourages designers, architects and builders to come up with innovative designs for modest, affordable homes that can be built locally in Ghana, as in other countries in West Africa.

Venice Biennale  / AUG 2014

We took a small vacation and attended the 2014 Venice Biennale Architecture Exposition. We came back with a deeper understanding on how different countries and the organizers approached the theme of 'Fundamentals', be it in a technical or historical context.

Troldtekt Award Winner  / JUN 2014

The winner for the Troldtekt Award 2014 competition has been announced! The winning proposal suggests that the Troldtekt raw materials are sold as do-it-yourself-kits for the users to explore new ways of building with the material. Although we did not win, we are nontheless gratefull to have participated. There were numerous inspiring projects produced for this competition and you can view them all on the Troldtekt Award Website.

Troldtekt Award Completed  / MAY 2014

We have completed four submissions for the Troldtekt Award 2014. View all proposals on our Troldtekt Awards page. The Award is a concept competition for students of design and architecture. It encourages students to explore Troldtekt acoustic panels and find new uses for them that are not only creative but also possible to realise in practice.